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July 2011

국제갤러리 전속작가 김소라 그룹전

김소라 Sora Kim
Sound Installation, Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable
Collaboration with Jang Younggyu, Tomokazu IMAI

전시제목: Inner Voice
전시장소: 카나자와 뮤지엄 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
전시기간: 2011년 7월 30일 –  2011년 11월 6일
개관시간: 10:00am –  6:00pm (금요일, 토요일 10:00am ? 8:00pm)
관련 행사: Series of Artist Talk Show
◇ “Self-Search”: 2011년 7월 30일(토) 11:00am –  7:00pm, 1:30am –  2:30pm: 김소라 작가 (한국어/일본어 설명)

카나자와 뮤지엄은 1960년 이후 출생하여 경제 성장과 세계화 속에서 자란 여성 작가들의 작업을 선보인 “Inner Voice” 전을 개최한다. 여성 작가들은 기존의 가치와 패러다임에서 벗어나서 자아 결정의 자유를 갖기 위해, 제약에 굴복하지 않고 오히려 잠재적인 발전 가능성을 치열하게 찾고 있다. 이번 전시는 제약과 가능성이라는 삶의 양면 모두를 바라보는 여성 작가들의 내적인 목소리(Inner Voice)에 주목하고 있다. 이번 전시에 참여한 여성 작가들은 예술 표현 방식에 있어서 자유를 갖는 것이 얼마나 중요한지를, 그들의 작업을 통해서 보여줄 예정이다.

How does everyone acknowledge their identities that are gradually established in the process of finding out their whereabouts in the world? Among artists of contemporary art who are dealing with various ways of expression while facing contemporary times, women artists indicate explicitly how keen they are on searching for their potential directions while shrugging off restrictions. It is because, when they try to escape from existing values and the old paradigm of reality to create another reality for themselves, it is essential for women to acquire freedom of self-decision---to be free of authority and commonly accepted ideas. Focusing on women artists who were born after the 1960s and rode on the waves of globalization along with the economic growth, this exhibition lends an ear to the Inner Voices of them who see both sides of life---difficulties and possibilities. In order to surmount barriers such as widely accepted images and values of “femininity,” misconceptions and lack of understanding that occur due to differences, they have chosen neither resistance nor confrontation. We are expecting that their works show us the ways they are working will reveal how universally important it is to be free in the expression of art, which is not limited to women only.