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January 2014

줄리안 오피 작품 영국 요크셔 조각 공원에서 전시 Julian Opie's Galloping horse. LED at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

전시작가: 줄리안 오피 Julian Opie
전시기관: 영국 요크셔 조각 공원 Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
전시기간: 2014년 – 2017년

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield, UK has installed Julian Opie's 2012 double sided LED monolith, Galloping horse.
This work is yet another example of Julian Opie's use of site specific location, as the horse appears to run through the historic landscape and among neighbouring sculptures by Sir Anthony Caro and Dennis Oppenheim. Galloping horse also references the horses that were once stabled on the Bretton Estate.