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July 2013

GRID BLOC A3 By Haegue Yang

Grid Bloc A3, 2013

Graph paper pad, offset print
A3, 48 pages, edition of 1000 copies

In collaboration with Jeong Hwa Min
Cover design by Studio Manuel Raeder
Published by Wien Luktasch, Berlin and Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Berlin

ISBN: 978-3-9811288-5-7
ISBN: 978-3-943514-13-1

제목: GRID BLOC A3 By Haegue Yang
웹사이트 :

내용: This work builds upon Haegue Yang's original Grid Bloc (2000), an earlier study showing Yang's interest in ways to resist industrial standardizations. Through her frequent use of millimeter paper for her artistic practice, Yang discovered that certain color or dimensional schemes are not included in regular graph paper production for the general stationary market. Grid Bloc contains different grid line intervals in various colors. With these new grids Yang inserts 'unindustrialized' norms into the market. The 2013 version in size A3 escapes from the 90 degree design and reflects compositions of Yang's collage series Trustworthies, in which patterns from inside security envelopes are composed onto a graph paper background. The color, angle, form, and division of lines entertain fantasies about this graph paper's use as a background for future Trustworthies production.

양혜규 작가는 그리드 블록 A3라는 책을 출판했다. A3 사이즈의 다양한 그리드를 보여주는 출판물로서 일종의 방한지와 같은 이 책은 페이지가 늘어남에 따라 모양 혹은 색의 변주가 다양해지는 특징을 지닌다. 이는 일종의 산업화된 표준에서 ‘비 표준화’된 형식을 슬쩍 끼워 넣는 것으로서 작가가 지속적으로 제작하는 <신용양호자들>연작과 맥락을 같이 한다. 본 출판물은 현재 국내의 북소사이어티에서 구매 가능하다.

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