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June 2013

Sora Kim participates in "Nouvelles Vagues" at Palais de Tokyo 김소라 작가, 팔레 드 도쿄에서 개최하는 그룹전 참여

전시작가: 김소라 Sora Kim, Theresa Hak-Kyung Cha, Mum & Gypsi and 남화연 Hwayeon Nam (Curator: Haeju Kim)
전시기관: 팔레 드 도쿄 Palais de Tokyo
전시명: Nouvelles Vagues
전시기간: 2013년 6월 21일 – 9월 9일
웹사이트 :

After “Cold Sun,” the Palais de Tokyo presents a new experimental season. “Nouvelles Vagues” (New Waves) is a large-scale event involving 21 young curators from 13 different countries, selected by a jury from over 500 candidates, working individually or in groups. With «Nouvelles vagues», the Palais de Tokyo will turn the entirety of its exhibition space into a gigantic showcase for the new artists, ideas and situations endorsed by these visionary young professionals. Owing to the efforts of the Comité professionnel des galeries d’art, some thirty Parisian galleries participate in this program. In partnership with the Palais de Tokyo, these institutions will each invite a young curator to conceive an exhibition within their walls. Together, these fifty proposals will hail an unprecedented moment in Paris’ cultural life – a hub allowing the public to gain a plural perspective on contemporary creativity.