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January 2013

줄리안 오피 작가, 오슬로 게르하르드센 게르너Gerhardsen Gerner에서 개인전

전시작가: 줄리안 오피(Julian Opie, 1958-)
전시기관: 게르하르드센 게르너, 오슬로, 노르웨이
전시기간: 2013.01.12 – 2013.03.02

게르하르드센 게르너 오슬로 갤러리는 동시대 가장 영향력 있는 중요 작가 중의 하나인 줄리안 오피의 첫 개인전을 개최한다. 줄리안 오피는 이번 전시를 통해 전통적인 초상화, 페인팅, 조각 등에 대한 그의 관심을 보여줄 예정이다. 이번 전시에서는 익명의 사람들이 걸어다니는 이미지를 비닐과 실크스크린 위에 캡쳐한 워킹 시리즈를 포함, 디지털 방식으로 움직이는 LCD, LED 작품이 소개될 예정이다. 갤러리 메인 공간에는 서로 마주보는 대형 워킹 시리즈 2점이 전시되는데, 작품 속 인물들 각자의 개성, 움직임, 물질성을 보여주는 순간을 포착하여 그들 스스로를 드러냄으로써, 마치 이집트식 프리즈(방이나 건물의 윗부분에 그림이나 조각으로 띠 모양의 장식을 한 것)를 연상하게끔 한다. 또한 동일한 공간 내 전시되는 합성수지로 만든 남, 녀 흉상 시리즈와 2012년 작 모자이크 초상화 작품을 통해, 작가는 이미지의 물질성으로 강조하면서 조각과 페인팅 사이의 관계를 채택하고자 하였다. 본 전시는 2013년 1월 12일에 시작하여 3월 12일까지 계속된다.

Gerhardsen Gerner Oslo is delighted to announce its first exhibition with acclaimed British artist Julian Opie (*1958 born in London). The artist is one of the most significant, influential and renowed artists of his generation. Through his practice he has developed a concise and reductive formal language. Drawing from influences as diverse as billboard signs, sculpture, 17th & 18th Century portraiture, popular comics and classical Japanese woodblock prints, Opie implements computer technology by cutting out the outlines and coloured shapes. This enables him to make two-dimensional explorations of his subjects in silkscreen, vinyl, LCD and LED. Opie's interest in traditional portraiture, in painting and sculpture, and modern sources, is evident throughout this exhibition at Gerhardsen Gerner. The exhibition includes an impressive series of the so-called walking figures – unknown passers-by from the streets – which are captured as still images on vinyl and silkscreen. Two of Opie's digitally animated walking figures are displayed on a large LCD screen and LED wall board, also exhibited in the foyer of the gallery; the perfect spot to become part of public life in Tjuvholmen, as it can be seen from outside the gallery. The subjects of two of the large vinyls which face each other in the main exhibition room remind the viewer of Egyptian friezes as they reveal themselves in an extended line of walkers, captured in the moment, each representing their individuality, movement and physicality. Opie takes the relationship between sculpture and painting further by emphasising the materiality of the imagery, as seen in a beautiful male mosaic portrait Daniel. 2012 and in a series of painted female and male busts made of resin, placed on plinths in the same room. The busts are the result of two immensely exciting sources of modernity and classicism, as they combine the latest technologies using traditional sculptural forms with flat images. The artist has exhibited nationally and internationally at major institutions and galleries. Recent institutional projects include Solo exhibitions at Lisson Gallery, London (2012), Lisson Gallery, Milan (2011), the Institut Valencià d' Art Modern, Valencia (2010); MAK, Vienna, Austria (2008); Public Art Fund, City Hall Park, New York (2004), and Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich (1999). Group shows include City Public Art Space, London (2012); Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg, Germany (2011-2012); Barbican, London (2011), and Shanghai Expo, China (2010). Julian Opie’s work is held in most major museum collections including The Tate Gallery, London, and MoMA, New York. He has completed major public commissions in cities all over the world such as the recently completed Promenade. (2012), a permanent installation in Calgary, Canada. Three sculptures from his seriesCaterina dancing naked. are on display in Great St Helen’s Square in London until June 2013. Opie’s self portrait Julian with t-shirt. will also be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery until February 2013. And a large four screen LED sculpture will soon be on display at Sky City, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm for the Clarion Hotel.

[Source from Gerhardsen Gerner Oslo]