Julian Opie
Walking in Melbourne. 2.
Vinyl on wooden stretcher
250 x 284.2 cm


”I employed an Australian photographer to take hundreds of shots of passing pedestrians in various locations around Melbourne. The rules he followed were simple; camera at waist height perpendicular to the crowd, level ground and as un-noticed as possible using a long lens. I slowly eliminated most of the resulting photographs and set about drawing the remaining figures. I draw using a graphic program that allows me to bend thick lines over the photograph and fill the gaps with flat colour. A gang of characters emerged, caught in mid stride, going about their business with bags or phones or cold drinks. Their random, momentary decisions became frozen into a set piece, a logo and symbol drawn in the most emphatic and generalised way I could manage while sticking to the details of what I saw. Symbols and hieroglyphs, images and road signs perform similar tasks of turning objects and people into a language that is specific enough to describe but general enough to be read. These words can be combined to form sentences just as the people combine to form crowds. Walkways and pavements turn pedestrians into lines of text, read left to right. I cut the drawings from thin coloured plastic sheet and put the image together like a complex puzzle of shapes, a mosaic.”

“오랫동안 저는 행인들의 걷는 모습을 그려왔어요. ‘걷기’는 가장 단순하고 본능적인 인간의 행위 중 하나이자 일상 풍경에서 가장 많이 보이는 움직임이고, 무엇보다 제가 묘사해낼 수 있는 모습이거든요. 한 걸음이 반복되다 보면 곧 걸음걸이가 됩니다. 고대 이집트인들은 목적성, 방향성, 힘 등을 표현하기 위해 걸어가는 이들의 옆모습을 그렸는데, 그 그림 속 사람들은 당신을 결코 쳐다보지 않아요. 오히려 보는 이의 시선에는 아랑곳하지 않고 앞을 향해 걷는 그들의 모습에서는 동물을 연상케 하는 일종의 존엄성이 느껴질 정도입니다. 최근에는 걷는 모습과 춤추는 동작 이외에도 뛰어가는 사람들을 눈여겨보기 시작했어요. 운동선수처럼 전력 질주하는 게 아니라, 조금 늦거나 혹은 누군가에게 길을 비켜주기 위해 가볍게 뛰어가는 이들이요. 이런 사람들의 모습은 여전히 일상적이지만, 그 속에서 흩날리는 머릿결과 움직이는 옷자락들은 화면에 활기를 더해주는 동시에 전체적으로 더 부드러운 분위기를 연출하죠.” – 줄리안 오피


Feb 13, 2014 - Mar 23, 2014
Apr 29, 2009 - Jun 14, 2009



Julian Opie, Subject of Solo Exhibition at Suwon Ipark Museum Of Art

Julian Opie Participates in Group Exhibition taking place at Weston Park and Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery in the UK

Julian Opie Participates in Group Exhibition at San Clemente Palace Kempinski for the 57th Venice Biennale

Julian Opie Participates in Group Exhibition at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Julian Opie, Subject of Solo Exhibition at the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia, Spain