Haegue Yang
Sonic Gym Milky Coiffured Cosmic Compression
Powder-coated stainless steel frame, powder-coated mesh, steel wire rope, brass, copper and nickel plated bells, metal rings, plastic twine
93 x 77 x 77 cm


Haegue Yang is an internationally recognized artist based in Seoul and Berlin, widely known to have developed a unique artistic vocabulary supported by her pluralistic and personal approach to a wide range of cultural references. Sonic Gym (2013-ongoing), which was first showcased at the artist’s solo exhibition in Kukje Gallery on September of 2019, refers to a body of work consisting primarily of brass, copper, and nickel plated bells. Of the series, the upper half of Sonic Gym Milky Coiffured Cosmic Compression is covered with plastic twine. The work evokes a multisensory experience when activated by manually rotating the circular body with physical force, generating distinctive visual patterns and acoustics that combine the metallic sound of the bells, along with the composition of the bells and surrounding plastic twine.

서울과 베를린을 기반으로 활동하는 미술가 양혜규는 풍부한 문화적 참조를 바탕으로 독자적인 작품세계를 구축해왔다. 지난 2019년 9월 국제갤러리 개인전에서 소개된 <소리 나는 운동>(2013-)은 방울이라는 주요 소재로 제작된 조각 연작을 통칭한다. 그 중 <소리 나는 운동 은하 다박머리 우주적 압축>은 플라스틱 끈으로 된 ‘털’로 뒤덮여 있는 작품이다. 몸체를 손으로 회전시키면, ‘방울’ 특유의 쇳소리가 플라스틱 끈이 만들어내는 움직임과 어우러져 독특한 다감각적 경험을 일깨운다.


Sep 3, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019



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Haegue Yang: When The Year 2000 Comes

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Haegue Yang: When The Year 2000 Comes


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